Sunday, February 1, 2009

Les Deux Garcon

So Les Deux Garcon used to be this amazing café that all of the great poets and artists (think Hemingway) used to go to have coffee and watch all of the Aixois. However today it is just a huge tourist of course my friends and I decided to go get lunch there. We were quickly seated and given menus, only to discover that it was not only a big tourist attraction, but an expensive one. Lunch would cost us each between 25 and 35 euros; we thought it best to just order coffee and desert and go somewhere else later. However the waiter was not having this. He promptly told us that we were not allowed to sit in the resturant and escorted us to a smaller, much less fancy area where we could actually afford to order food. It was a bit embaressing, especially because he then decided to treat us like stupid Americans who can't understand French.

Scary experience, good salad.

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