Monday, February 2, 2009


If you read Mary's blog, I apologize for making you mouth water twice, but it must be done. February is the month of crêpes in France. Yes, they have an entire month devoted to this wonderful food. So last night my host mom made crêpes for dinner; they were served with nutella and bananas, sugar, and jam. My host mom kept insisting that I eat more of them (they are her specality after all) because "they are so thin". When I finally told her that I could eat no more, she wouldn't believe me, leaving more out for later. They are probably the sole reason that I would come back to the United states fatter than when I left it.


  1. i'd skip the crepe and head straight for the nutella.

  2. You know, the Russians are crazy about crepes too, it's just that over on this side of the Iron Curtain they call them "blinis".

  3. yummm!!! please try some caramel jizzled gauffres next....a close second to the deliciousness of crepes. have host maman make some for me...for vendredi!! woo