Monday, February 23, 2009

Erin and the Terriable, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So on Sunday I decided to go ski the French Alps with a few of my friends, yay! Besides for the fact that I have not been skiing in about 7 years, it seemed like a great idea. There is a company that my school recommends that takes you to the Alps for the day, and for around 50 euros, you can get transportation, a ski pass and rentals. So I woke up at 4:00 am had a bowl of cereal and started my 45 minute walk to the bus stop. We then arrived in Pra-Loup, where the ski resort is, and all of my problems began.

After holding up all of my friends because I couldn't find a ski boot that fit well, we finally took up the lift to go down our first run of the day. It was a gorgeous day out--warm and sunny! I was feeling pretty confident in myself and started to go down the run, I was doing alright to start with but then lost control when I started going too fast, my skis feel off and I tumbled to the ground. I thought I was alright but then got a look at my wrist, which had blood puring out of it--a problem but managable. Next I looked at my knee, bad idea. My pants were completely ripped and my skin was falling off. My friends went off to find ski patrol (which, by the way, was apparently almost impossible to do) and I waited on the hill. They finally made it up to me and then continued to take me down the hill in a rather embarrassing fashion--I was in one of those tobbogans, all covered up.

By the time my friends got down to me they were driving away with me in the back of an ambulance (they also took my bag, with my money and cell phone in it to a different building). Little did my friends know, I was only about 2 minutes away in the doctors office. Once they looked at my cuts the doctors (who spoke very little English) realized that I needed to go the hospital for stitches. The one woman kept telling me to call my friends and repeatly asked me where the were...even though I had no way to call them.

So I waited there for over an hour until the ambulance showed up from the hospital. Once it did they stopped to get my bag and to try to get me to pay for things. Some woman came out and had me charge 417 euros on my credit card to pay solely for the ski patrol and that stupid tobbogan ride...ok people, I could of slid down the hill on my own! Then since I didn't have my insurance card with me the people driving the ambulance all just sat around for a while deciding whether or not they wanted to take me to the hospital and if I could pay. They finally decided that I could and drove away before I could call any of my friends to come with me.

So the men driving the ambulance spoke zero English. I finally realized that the hospital was an hour away (hence the wait) in a town called Gap. By now, not only was I confused and in pain, but I had not gone to the bathroom or had anything to eat since 4 in the morning. Just a few minutes away from the hospital we stopped at an ATM and they made me get out of the ambulance to get out 343 euros to pay them for the trip. What if I wouldn't have had it?? I think I would have been stranded.

We finally get to the hospital at 3:30 where I do so more sitting around until a doctor can finally see me. I go in to get my stitches--15 right under my knee in a nice round circle. He says there are two bad things about this:

1. It is never going to look nice, I will have a huge, perminant, ugly scar
2. My skin may die. If this happens I will need to put some special patch on it to make my skin grow back which will take at least a month.

I then got one more a little farther down on my leg and two in my wrist.

After all of this it is approximatly 6:00 and I begin my 15-20 minute walk to the train station, alone, to go back to Aix. I got home at 10:00. Oh and I had an exam this morning that I definitly failed...great.

Lets just add on to it. I can't really walk, so I am not going to school for the next few days, ok that I can handle. I need to get my leg checked by a nurse every two days for the next 12 days (when I am supposed to get the stitches out). Problem: I am supposed to be leaving for winter break (to Munich, Prague and Vienna...which I already paid for) on Friday night. Advice from my school, they don't want me to go. Fantastic.


  1. Poor Fegs! i'm so sorry you had to go through all that girl. the worst part seemed like the walk alone back to your apartment after going through all this. it seems like you are trying to keep positive though. hey at least you didn't break anything. and you'll have a gnarly scar and an even better story! AND you got to ski the ALPS. well sort of. hang in there. xoxoMeg

  2. ahhhh!! Erin!! we're so sorry! it sounds terrible, but the person above me is true, you'll have a great scar story!

    i hope it heals fast, try dabbing it with oil of oregano.

    love you! nikandkelsey