Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Week in Exile

So I did end up having to stay in Aix for winter break. That meant a week of renting movies from itunes and attempting to complete seemingly endless scholarship applications. It also meant no Munich, no Prague, and no Vienna--oh but don't worry, I still got to pay for it! I enjoyed waking up everyday at 8:00 a.m. to wait for my nurse, who likes to get the apartment about an hour later than she should.

I also had fun meeting a plastic surgeon (who only speaks French, like my nurse) who told me that pretty much all of my skin is dead. She is going to slowly cut away the dead skin, leaving me slightly more holely than I should be. After each patch heals up she will cut away some more, leaving me with a hideous scar that I will have to get surgery on when I get back to the US. Oh and I also have to see my nurse every single day for about the next 2 months. Joyeous.

BUT the week was not all bad! My besty MG (whoo DC '09) decided to come cheer me up last weekend! We went to the movie theater--twice. Which made us cry a lot (Slumdog Millionaire and The Strange History of Benjamin Button). We also watched a few movies in my apartment, cuddling around my laptop and enjoying some chocolat chaud; so us. We weren't entierly reclusive though, on Friday night we went out with some true Frenchies--a.k.a. my host sister, Lorraine; her bf, Frank; and some of their friends! It was quite the the interesting mix of French and English languages!

I also have been dealing with my loneliness in a way that we can all appreciate--shopping!...and chopping off my hair (Laura, isn't that what they do in Japan after they get their heart broken?). Thankfully Claire got home last night and the rest of my friends get home tomorrow, or I would have a quite a bit of credit card debit!!